Roger Zini, CEO and President of N-soft, Paris, France

N-soft is located in Paris, France, however, we sell prepaid telephony solutions to customers worldwide. Our customers’ businesses rely heavily on our products that is why it is of utmost importance for us to provide excellent technical support. We have a team of technical specialists, but our company is growing rapidly and we had to increase the size of support team very quickly and at affordable cost. Matrix provided us with 2 experienced and well trained IT professionals who work in our team on 2 months shifts. This has solved our employment problem and saved us a lot of money as well. Moreover we had much less routine paperwork to deal with, we have simply signed an outsourcing agreement with Matrix.


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Tel.: +7 (713 2) 54-77-67 (multiline)
Fax: +7 (713 2) 54-42-66

Mares'eva St., 105
Aktobe, 030000

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